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Day-to-Night Holiday Makeup

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

parties are always fun, but when they occur right after work, they can be a little stressful. We all know the difficulties of bringing your entire makeup collection to work, just in case you might need it. Then, there are the times when you don’t bring enough makeup and your makeup doesn’t quite look complete (why do we always forget the lipstick!?).

here’s a simple day-to-night holiday makeup look that only requires you to bring three products to work.

How to do Soft, Mauve Eye Makeup

To create a soft, rosy eye makeup look, you’ll need the below products—there’s only four!

Here’s how to create the look:

1. First, apply foundation, contour, highlighter, and blush as you normally would for work.

2. Finish your look with your eye makeup. Prime your eyelids with REVANEL Eye Primer.

3. Next, apply the Eye Shadow to your entire lid.

4. Then, use the Brush to apply the shade to the outer corner of your eye and your crease.

5. Line your top lid close to the lashline with our Eyeliner.

6. Finish your eye makeup with the Longest Lash Volume Mascara



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